We are willing to share with our guests the emotions and feelings of the past, when life wasn’t as hectic and noisy as today, but it was made of simple and true things.

We will take care of you with kindness and all the needed attentions to let you feel at home:  everyday we will suggest you where to go, what to see and which are the best places to eat, to help you appreciating this little charming corner of Tuscany.

The Fiorentini Family

Tripadvisor Excellence

“It is difficult to put into words just how lovely this place is.”

Murphin, UK


Our rooms have a contemporary design, but also ancient furniture belonged to the family, precious fabrics in warm colours, our beds don’t have well known Swedish made matrasses, but have been made by a local craftsman who recycled and regenerated the existing matrasses made with the wool of the sheeps of the Castle farmyard.


Tripadvisor Excellence

“Be prepared to be amazed the moment you enter through the gates.”

Karen, China



Enjoy a delicious, natural and healty breakfast full of homemade delicacies like bread, cakes and jams. Take a fresh glass of red wine or Prosecco by the swimmingpool, an aperitif up in the castle tower or just relax in the quietness of the Tuscan countryside in our beautiful gardens full of flowers and local fauna.


Live the Tuscan countryside in a special way with our activities and suggestions about the surroundings. Experience a bike tour in the crop fields, a wine tasting in Montalcino or learn to cook typical tuscan dishes with us. Have an unforgettable day by spotting hidden non-touristic places, landscapes and restaurants we tried for you.